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Considering Cost vs. Value of Mediation

The real way to consider the cost vs. value of a mediation session is to consider its cost compared to that of a trial. In Germany, the cost of filing your initial claim in a simple case with a sum in dispute of e.g. € 25.000 is € 3.000 (§34 GKG Wertgebühren) for court fees. The regulation of court fees is complex. Additional court fees apply e.g. for settlements etc. so it is hard to predict the final cost and duration of a trial at the start of litigation.

A mediation lasts on average of no more than two to three sessions and the costs are usually split between parties.

I will charge € 180 plus VAT per hour in session, plus a flat rate admin fee per case of € 180 plus VAT. Travel expenses will be charged in addition.

Example for a 2-hour mediation with two clients in Hannover:

€ 360,00 hourly rate € 180.00 × 2
€ 180,00 flat rate per case
€ 540,00 total net
€ 102,60 VAT 19%

€ 642,60 total gros

per client: € 270,00 net / € 321,30 gros

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